Cycle of Life Therapy provides counseling for couples, families, and individuals
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Welcome to therapy counseling for families, couples, and indiviuals Barbara Armendariz, Denver therapist and counselor for individuals, couples, and families
Thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Barbara Meier Armendariz, I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been in practice for eighteen years. I work with individuals, couples and families.

I believe it is important to approach the difficulties we experience in life as
part of the on going cycle of our lives. Life’s journey is both joyous and painful. People
come to therapy when they have a specific situation or problem they find difficult to manage. They are seeking the help of an expert, a place where they can feel safe to
discuss problems, gain self knowledge and experience personal growth as difficulties are resolved. As client and therapist, we work together towards a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and a solution to the specific situation that brought you
into therapy.

My style is interactive, direct and gentle. My work gives me great joy and I feel honored when a client trusts me with something so special as their thoughts, feelings and experiences. I believe relationships are the keystone to our humanness and understand
the efforts it takes to maintain one’s own identity while keeping meaningful connections
with others in our lives.


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